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Building St Matthew’s

After years of renting different spaces across the city, we bought and renovated ‘Lighthouse’ (formerly St. Matthew’s Hall) in 2006, selling the charity shop we owned. By 2009 it was clear this new space was too small when we hosted special services and so the leaders felt it would be right to set up a Building and Development Fund. Praying about it, and telling no one, within 24 hours someone called and said they felt God had told them to donate £20,000 to the work. That same week, again with no knowledge of these plans, several people had visions of Lighthouse being connected to the building next door, which happened to be a deconsecrated Anglican building which at the time was being used as a fully-functioning social and nightclub. With that kind of confirmation, we shared the plan, opened the fund and began praying and saving.

Over the years that followed, that club shut down and the owners could no longer afford to keep the place running, sending the building into disrepair. In 2014 they announced they would have to close and vacated the premises, beginning a complicated and competitive process attempting to work out what to do next. We continued to pray and save. Against all the odds and obstacles, we purchased the building in July 2017, convinced of God’s leading and assurance.

We are currently in the process of redesigning and building the space, creating a larger meeting place and repurposing our current building for further community engagement. It is estimated that the refit will cost between £500,000 – £800,000.

To contribute to the Building and Development Fund and help us build the vision, you can give a one-off gift or a recurring monthly donation. Please click here to find out how.

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