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Right at the heart of our church family are our Groups. Groups are a place to develop our relationship with God and with others. Groups normally meet fortnightly in homes around the city for times to explore life, learn from the Bible, pray and catch up. There are some specialist Groups based on age or language and a number of other Groups to explore.

If you’re looking to join a particular Group, please get in touch (office@slic.church) and we’ll help you get to the right one. Our desire is that every member of the church is actively part of a Group, building family, receiving and contributing.

Here’s a list of Groups that are currently running and at what times to help give an overview of regular church life.


  • Stories
    Real life encounters with Jesus from people of different backgrounds
  • Questions
    Here are some bite-sized answers to some of the biggest questions about God, religion and life
  • Resources
    Some helpful books and media to equip you in your journey of faith



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